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Meet Your Hosts

Bob Ray and Jill Denton


TWO FOR TRAVEL - Jill and Bob are a matched pair who love Italy and great photography equally! They created Picture Perfect Italy to share Italian culture, their own favorite sights and experiences plus offer hands-on tips to help you see the light and take your best vacation pictures.


BOB RAY is a professional photographer, currently on passport Number 5 and has memories and footprints on 6 continents. He’s one creative guy with over 150 awards for creative excellence and a nominee as a rock ‘n roll DJ in the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. He’s a master on 1960‘s music, songs, singers and backstories! Bob teaches and inspires photo enthusiasts around the world. Find out more about Bob and his work by visiting this website:


JILL DENTON is a uniquely talented artist, creating entire forests of colorful, curvy trees, each with its own feminine charm. She uses acrylics to work in pointillism and describes her style as “as a mixture of surrealistic figuratives with a dash of whimsy. ”Jill is REALTOR® by day and a photographer who shoots with a DSLR, iPad® and iPhone®. She has a great eye for composition and unique angles. Just ask Bob! Find out more about Jill and her work by visiting this website:


It’s a good idea to arrive in Italy a day early so you acclimate to the time change, kick back with a glass of red wine and take your watch off. You’re on Italian time now and life goes at a slower pace here..


Jill and Bob can provide suggestions of things to see and things to do during your extra day plus help confirm accommodations in our group’s hotel, depending on availability.


Benvenuto! Grazie mille!

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